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HAAD examination is one of the evaluation tool used by the Healthy Authority Abu Dhabi to gauge the theoretical capability of a healthcare professional—doctors, pharmacist and nurses—aspiring to work in the UAE. The exam necessitates one to come fully prepared; otherwise, one might fail the test. HAAD exam takers are asked to answer 150 items of computer-based questions for 3 hours. Looking closer, that means 50 questions in one hour, and approximately one question for every minute. The provided time is enough—sometimes more than necessary—if the taker has done his or her homework. But sometimes even if you have studied the whole book, you’d still end up to be none the wiser. One should have the right references and study guides to assure a 100 percent pass in HAAD exam. The following are the required study guide for the exam.

Medical Surgical Book: Although specific references are necessary, one can still use any book. But you need to make that you have the latest edition of the book. Try to grasp all topics in the book. If it necessitates you to read from page to page, then do it.

Medical Surgical Reviewer: I’m not referring to the hotshot talking beside the blackboard in your NLE review. I’m talking about the book. You can use this one instead of the previous. Yet you need to assure that you have already a good background of the Medical Surgical subject. Though a reviewer provides a good discussion on the subject proper, it doesn’t match the details given by Medical Surgical Books.

Fundamentals: Of course, you are expected to work in the clinical setting, so you need to have a heavy know how in the fundamentals. UAE don’t need another bunch of bigheads with no skills. Open your fundamentals and polish your rusty skills. Everyone knows it’s boring. But if it would mean landing yourself on nursing job offering 60 thousand to 70 thousand, then it’s another story. 30 percent of the HAAD examination is composed of questions on fundamentals.

Above are the important study materials you need to get your hands on. Remember, whatever your references are, success lies in your study preparations for the HAAD examination. One month before your scheduled date of exam, you must be already 50% ready. I’m just talking about the ideal. But if you think you could pull off a passing mark in HAAD without a long preparation, then you can do so.


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    1. Kindly add or mail me i want ur help as haad coaching teacher ...

    2. need a couch because im planning to take haad exam. thanks

    3. need a couch because im planning to take haad exam. thanks

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