Friday, July 29, 2011

HAAD Examination|HAAD Examination For Nurses

What is HAAD-RN?

HAAD-RN stands for Healh Authority Abu Dhabi For Nurses. It was started to maintain the standards of health care professional in Abu Dhabi, UAE. HAAD exams are used to evaluate the capability of a health professional both in clinical knowledge and Skills. If you’re a nurse who wished to work in Abu Dhabi, then you need to get yourself a HAAD-RN license to practice.  

Who is qualified to take the HAAD Examination for Nurses?

HAAD examination can only be taken by those who passed the local Board’s Nursing Licensure Examination. One should have an updated Passport together with his/her RN license. Preferably, one should be currently working or has a 2-year working experience—1 year in the Medical-Surgical Ward & 1 year in a specialty area—in the hospital.

Where to take this new professional exam for Nurses?

You can check online at Pearson Vue for HAAD examination for Nurses locations. You need to create an account first, and then schedule your exam date before you can see the nearest exam locations. In Philippines, Pearson Vue Examination centers are located at Metro Manila & Cebu City.

How to schedule HAAD examination for Nurses?

You can visit Pearson Vue online for registration. You can then schedule your haad examination after paying $90 through a credit card. The place, date & time of your exam will be saved in your pearson vue account, which you could also print if you want. Read the pearson vue instructions carefully before submitting the payment.

What to expect in this examination?

haad for nursesYou will be expected to answer a computer-based, 150 items examination within 3 hours. You can finish the haad exam for nurses before the time, not beyond. An instruction will be given by the proctor before the exam starts. You need to listen carefully and ask questions—if that’s necessary for you—prior answering the exam. And of course, you are expected to be 100% prepared.

Are there any resource pages where I can see sample questions?

Check out the step by step instructions of processing your Integra screening, HAAD certificate and, of course, HAAD license. See also the list of agencies where you can email directly as your way to Abu Dhabi.


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    1. And from what country are you from, Monica? You need to have a bachelor degree to practice as a Registered Nurse.

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  10. hi, i have questions regarding the validity of haad passing certificate.
    1. If ever i have passed the said exam.. Would the validity of the certificate limited to a certain period of time so as for me to file for licensing immediately after passing the exam?

    2. Granted that i have already acquired such license, Would the license have an expiration date as well? if yes, would it be renewable?

    3. If ever i am a haad license holder, am i required to practice there and then in abu dhabi to keep the license valid., I am asking because i am currently working as a nurse in a tertiary hospital here in the philippines and at the end of this year i will be completing a favorable experience of three years in med-surg area. point, i am taking the exam now but i would apply for a job to abu dhabi not until next year.

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